Chili Bowl 2018

The Midget National Championship located in Tulsa, Oklahoma gets its cleaver name Chili Bowl from the initial sponsor by the Chili Bowl Food Company. Since that initial sponsor the event has grown over the 30 years of existence to become known as the biggest midget race of the year every January. Instilled with tradition for years explains how the actions packed, clay flying experience has attracted the presence of many of the top drivers which elevates this midget competition to a level that is unmatched. Thousands of seats surround the oval indoor track that give the opportunity for spectators to be part of the action packed week of practice, qualifying, heat races, and multiple sub-main events that lead to the "A" main. The "A" main is where the highest competition from the full week of preparation, driving, tuning, overcoming battles, and multiple set ups let drivers compete to be known as the champ. 

Competing for the top spot in 2018 is local Standard Race Team driver Jake Morgan from Rancho Cordova, Ca located in Northern California. Jake travels around California to race both his 360 and 410 winged sprint cars, but known well at his home track in Placerville, Ca. This season Jake finished well through points in the winged class and also picked up a big win in his non-wing spec sprint that was featured at Placerville Speedway. Placerville Speedway is a fast 1/4 mile (3/8 Outside) track that Jake has raced for a long time and has become comfortable as a top finisher. While racing winged sprint cars this previous season, he recently added a USAC Midget that allowed him this opportunity to pack up the high functioning race trailer and make the trip to Tulsa for the Annual Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. 

Jake will be racing at The Chili Bowl January 9th - 13th in the 4Mx Midget, featured above, for his debut at this event. With huge sponsor support and even more from his family and friends, Jake will have a large team cheering him on through the week both in person and also online where all coverage is streamed live. 

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Click the link, watch and cheer on Jake as he races side by side with the best USAC Midget racers in the nation as they lap the fast 1/4 mile track. This indoor track gives great advantage as the clay is not exposed to any elements such as wind, sun, rain that cause harm to most tracks. With the track groomed oh so well and the top drivers competing try not to look away as each lap of the 55 is filled with action that keeps people coming back year after year.

Did we mention this event accommodates over 200 race rigs, a trade show that grows more every year, and bleachers that will be filled with thousands of people throughout the week. So remember to support your local talent, Jake Morgan as he debuts in Tulsa at The Chili Bowl Nations now proudly sponsored by Lucas Oil Products. 


 Jake Morgan Racing - Rams Racing Heads to Chili Bowl 2018

Rams Racing Hauler En-route to Chili Bowl 2018 with Jake Morgan

Jake Morgan Racing - Standard Race Team Support - Chili Bowl 2018

A Quick Look of the still action in Tulsa at The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals.

StandardCloCo™ and the Standard Race Team will be tracking and watching online all week, GO JAKE!

News Updates:


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