Supercross Anaheim 2018 - Connor Pearson

Start of every year brings exciting changes for many but one thing that is always the same...the start of Supercross racing. With 2018 starting off fast, so were the riders as the Monster Energy Supercross 2018 started in Anaheim. The tour started in Southern California and will make its way strategically through the whole country to provide all fans with fast paced motocross racing. These fans have been filling stadium seats since the start in 1974 where steep man-made jumps, quick corners, and obstacles create excitement for all ages. Various classes give the sport the variety with a 250 class (East and West) and a 450 class that all compete individually to fight for the top spot each week from January to May. At the end three champs, one from each class, will take home the hardware as the best Supercross 250 East / 250 West / 450 rider.

2018 season brings excitement for StandardCloCo™ as we support many riders moving up the ranks to find their way on the Supercross circuit; but already there, Standard race Team currently supports Connor Pearson #262 racing and competing in the 450 class. Connor is a local Northern California rider who has been riding his entire life out of the Rocklin, CA area. He has competed at many levels and worked his way through the ranks to now be on the big stage as he races side-by-side with the best 450 Supercross riders in the world. Connor rides a KTM 450 with support from many local sponsors including Guts Racing, Coltons Concrete, and StandardCloCo™ to name a few. 

The travels for the first couple of weeks has proved to be a challenge but also an exciting stepping stone as Connor begins his first season racing in the 450 class. Starting off at Anaheim (A1) as his first race in the 450 class he grounded himself well with a great qualifying run to place him in the perspective heat race. Through the heat race he finished strong but had to compete in the transfer where he did not make the main but gained experience from the races.

To see a recap of this Supercross experience, visit our instagram and view the recap video created by our media producer Cameron Kammerer - @standardcloco.

The next race was in Houston and he was not able to make the trip so Connor trained back in Northern California to prepare for Anaheim (A2). 

Anaheim (A2) arrived quickly and Connor arrived early from Northern California even more ready and excited to compete. Before any racing began, Connor was asked to participate in the photo shoot for the 2018 Supercross Video Game. 

The photo shoot took place in Anaheim and the video game will be coming out soon featuring Standard Race Team rider Connor Pearson.

Friday media and photo shoots out of the way, the racing mindset and preparation began for Connor as he looked forward to racing under the lights Saturday night. Race day arrived and Connor once again did well through qualifying but did not transfer directly to the Main events so was placed in the transfer main again. Competitive racing continued for the transfer race with quick corners, doubles, and triples but finishing below 4th did not transfer him to the Main events. 

Overall the Standard Race Team rider Connor Pearson is competing with the best and performing very well as we see him continuing to grow with the Main events in his near future. Stay tuned as he climbs to the top through the Supercross ranks as one of the best. Watch each 2018 Supercross race and cheer on #262 as his Solid Foundations have been set and he is Constructing New Levels. 

Next Northern California Supercross Race is February 3rd in Oakland, CA. Contact us and let us know if you will be at the race supporting Connor Pearson.


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