StandardCloCo™ was built on a strong work ethic and great pride so we expect nothing less from our athletes. As a company we developed this program that will guide the athletes to become a better rider on and off the track. Both our company and the development program is based on teamwork and being committed to working as a unit. 

As we implement this program and become a stronger team it is essential to have the resources and support that allows our athletes to focus more on racing and self development. Training and commitment to the journey is vital to the success of the individual rider and athlete as a whole.

StandardCloCo™ requires each athlete to keep a rider journal to track day-to-day activities and their self development. This also includes lap times, time at the gym, clean diet, strong work ethic, teamwork and all while working toward their final goals. By working towards the short term and long term goals this confidence will have a positive influence on the athlete, the team, and the local community that supports this movement. 

All this being said StandardCloCo™ offers a program to instill work ethic, accountability, and integrity for each athlete to become the best person they can be on and off the track. Community support is a vital part for this program to operate and grow correctly. 25% of overall proceeds are reinvested into the Standard race Team for these up and coming athletes. 

Dillon Ford #324

StandardCloCo Standard Race Team Rider Dillon Ford Local Motocross Hangtown MX


StandardCloCo Standard Race Team Rider CJ Tucker Local Motocross Hangtown MX