Now that you are part of the movement to set new standards, we want you to understand how the tier system works for you. 

The tier system is based on the more you sell the more commission you will receive throughout the year. Tracking for this is done through the discount code you received upon signing up fr the influencer program. Everyone will start out at 5% commission and have the opportunity to climb tup the tiers as you sell more with your 10% off discount code. Also as you advance to higher tiers you will be rewarded with prizes for setting your new standard! 

Tiers are broken down as follows (based on total discount code sales):

5% | $0 - $99
6% | $100 - $249
7% | $250 - $499
8% | $500 - $999
10% | $1000+
*All percentages will reset back to 5% 1/1 of every year*
If you have further question on the tier system, email us at