Now you are a StandardCloCo™ Influencer but need some help with getting your 10% off discount code to work for you and make commissions. Below is a short summary of ways that you can achieve more sales in a simple way.

  • Start off simple and attach the code to your social media:
    • "Receive 10% off at with #DiscountCode"
  • Send out a text to your friends and family letting them know you're trying to set higher standards and how they can help:
    • "I am excited to let you know that I am now an influencer for StandardCloCo™, a local lifestyle / action sports brand. Help me set my own standards and use my 10% discount when you purchase from with code: #DiscountCode. Thanks! :)"
  • Simply wear your favorite brand, StandardCloCo™ and tell people that ask what it stands for and how they can help you make your commission and set your new standards. Hint: you received the FREE tee when you signed up.
  • Carry your cards with you everywhere and hand them out freely.
    • When you run out or need more, contact us and we will gladly send you out as many as you need.
    • Want it to look professional? Make some business cards and if you need help...we are here for you!

Now with those few tips and hints for the easy way to get commission, get out there and set your own standards!

StandardCloCo Selling

Remember if you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at