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A year of brand building and endless preparation are just a few of the things that went into the full success of Hangtown MX 2018. Year around we strive to provide the Northern California dirt action sports industry with a brand that they can be loyal to and push a movement that has not been seen in the area. As we push through the year with late nights, long days, and full support of the industries we represent it all comes to light every year as motocross season arrives. With Motocross season comes Hangtown MX and 2018 was an enlightening experience to see how many people were representing our brand and the movement we stand behind. Here is a recap of the couple days that opened our eyes to the future potential of our riders and the goals we are striving to reach. 

StandardCloCo Hangtown 2018 Block Party

Thursday | Block Party. As we show up to the Black party with other vendors, a line begins to form for the Pro Riders to arrive for signatures. In the meantime while waiting it gave great opportunity to those there to talk with StandardCloCo™ about what we represent and educate themselves on our brand. Not only were they educated on the brand we offer but the lifestyle and support that comes with it as they received autographs from a couple of our riders. Signing at the 2018 block party booth was Amateur rider CJ Tucker, #17 and Pro Rider Dare Memartile, #207. This is a first for both of them at Hangtown MX so the excitement and nerves gave them a great chance to show who they really are and why they represent the local movement and brand we are building. The pro riders arrived, signed for a couple hours and were gone as our riders stayed late for the opportunity of every fan to receive their autograph before taking off due to preparation for the weekend of racing. 

Standard Race Team Amatuer Day Hangtown MX 2018

Friday | Amateur Day. Early morning with the pit coming together for the Standard Race Team amateur riders. The last EZ-Up goes into place, the golf cart fueled, and the bikes ready to race. Through a muddy practice for both riders, Dillon Ford started the morning off in Moto 1 with a great race in the 250 Novice Class. From the muddy morning to the dusty afternooon the track created challenges for riders in all classes as they pushed to win. Overall for amateur day it was a success with a supportive pit for our riders and a good day of experience for both our Standard Race Team Amateur Riders. Stay tuned for more as these young guys keep pushing with more seat time to move up the ladder to the next level. Hangtown Round 2 results to come.


Saturday | Pro Day. Vendors in place, riders ready, and fans filing in to see the best in the world compete in the opening Outdoor National Race for 2018. The pits were excited from factory teams and riders to privateers looking to prove themselves. As practice began and the StandardCloCo™ booths began to get busy, we knew it was going to be a great turn out and illuminate how far we have advanced from the year previous. While the booths were looking good and staying steady, Standard Race Team Rider Dare Demartile was on the track for practice and qualifying looking even better and even more smooth than the business activities. Through the week with Dare he showed nerves and excitement as his first Hangtown Pro Day Debut was finally here. As race day started through the nerves turned into adrenaline and it was noticeable as Dare ran great in qualifying to set him up for his 20th place finish in Moto 1. Jumping back to the crowd and booth atmosphere, the high energy was in place with spectators showing great response with StandardCloCo™ being worn by many spectators and supporters. After the short break from Moto 1, Dare was back on the track and with a great start in Moto 2, the jump out of the gates put him into the top 15 coming around lap one. Catching his speed and consistency as he charged the 30 mins in the top 20 to end up with a 19th finish in Moto 2. The local talent showed up to his track and proved himself as a young rider showing he is ready to compete. Dare ended with a 20th overall to get him on the points board and ready to compete in the second stop at Glen Helen. From the brand side it was an awesome day for awareness and to show people that we are pushing our movement ahead and gaining traction while we do it. Stay Tuned.


Look forward to growing our brand awareness and support for all our Standard Race Team Athletes as they compete in the 2018 season on and off the track. Check out the after race interview with Dare Demartile as he discusses how Hangtown went, his preparation, and what he is looking forward to at Glen Helen. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NEspyG8VTQc

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